Active Parenting Classes

The Active Parenting of Teens program offers a comprehensive curriculum that is flexible, yet practical. The purpose is educate parents on a variety of issues related to teens and youth. Programs can be tailored to the specific needs of the partnership in 4 week, 6 week, and up to 12 week schedules, in one or two hour sessions. This program is designed for parents of teenagers ages 11-17.

The Active Parenting comprehensive program focuses on: Promo-APWorkshop_Button

  • Understanding Your Teen
  • Active Communication
  • Reducing Power Struggles       
  • Parenting with Style
  • Preventing Teen Drug Use
  • Control vs. Influence

The next Parenting Class is on Saturday, September 16,2017. Class will be held at 39 E. Jackson Phx, AZ 85004. Class is from 9 am to 2 pm. Classes are free and court approved.