Our basketball program emphasizes fundamentals, sportsmanship and age-appropriate skill development for both boys and girls, ages 10-15. Each playing will be assigned to a team based on age and skill level. At all levels, priority is placed on enjoying the great game of basketball while learning new skills and being a part of a team.

   AZ Pride Basketball provides shirts or uniforms for each of the players as part of the registration fee. Players get to keep shirts at the end of each season but uniforms are returned for reuse. Teams may be sponsored by local businesses. In those cases, the sponsor’s name will appear on the back of the team shirts.

   Throughout the season, AZ Pride Basketball teams will compete in several local tournaments and leagues. AZ Pride Basketball teams will also have the privilege of traveling out of State to compete on a higher level. These locations may include Dallas, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and more!

   All basketball coaches are required to pass a background check. AZ Pride Basketball has also offered CPR and first aid training to its coaches in the past to better prepare them in case of an emergency or sport injury.

The following skills/concepts are taught:

A. Technical 

· Dribbling, using both hands, basketball moves.
· Ball handling skills, catching, passing, both hands.
· Proper hand positioning, shooting form, footwork
· Body position, introduction to rebounding, boxing out

B. Tactical

· Attacking, try moves, with and without ball.
· Defending, footwork, keep between offender and basket, introduction of team defense concept
· Court awareness, quickness, cutting, aggressiveness

 For more information email us at azpride@azfactsoflife.org