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Third Column


Yolanda Robinson (L) -CEO/Founder of Arizona Facts of life pictured with Lisa Whelchel (R), an actress from Facts of Life


Yolanda Robinson, Founder and Executive Director

Yolanda Robinson grew up in a poverty stricken area, did not graduate high school, and became a teen mother. Despite all of this, she persevered and was inspired to start Arizona Facts Of Life (AZFOL) after she spent 8 years in the social services field observing the needs of today’s youth while drawing from her own experiences. During her time in social services she has beaten the odds stacked against her from being a teen mom. She earned her GED and made the decision to attend college, earning her Bachelors of Science degree in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University. Yolanda is utilizing her past experiences and observations through Arizona Facts of Life. She uses her past experiences in every facet of her organization in an attempt to make the young ladies understand the importance of education and that success is also possible in their lives. She strives to make it a place where young women can be themselves while building assets that will make them successful in their lives. Arizona Facts of Life is an organization that strengthens young ladies by providing positive mentors, working on the F.A.C.T.S. of life, and building self-worth into the lives of youth; through her work with AZFOL she is providing hope to a population in need during a time in their lives where encouragement is critical.



Executive Staff

Yolanda Robinson, C.E.O.
NaTasha Robinson-Lee, Human Resources
Christopher Gray Jr., Chief Operations Officer
Jamie Robinson, Chief Administrative Officer
Deondra Gray, Curriculum Developer/Coordinator

Preventative Health Staff

Vivian Robinson, Office Manager
Myliyah Gray, Executive Assistant
Mary Kyles, Population Health Administrator
Maureen Mullen, General Studies Facilitator
Ray Yazzie Jr, Project Specialist

Dalyn Blue, Program Coordinator
Danya Hinton, Program Coordinator (Tribal)
Josephine Bolay – Program Coordinator
TieQuon Scroggins, Program Coordinator
Veronica Elam, Parent Coordinator

Dalyn Parks, Health Educator
Christina Moore – Health Educator
Eduardo Corral, Health Educator
Jennifer Samaniego, Health Educator
Jimed Martinez, Health Educator
Mario Jackson, Health Educator
Rabia Jama, Health Educator
Haley Sparks, Behavioral Health Coach

Behavioral Health Staff

Gloria Ceniceros, Office Manager
Shelby Gray, Chief Administrative Officer
Sylvia Burrell, Clinical Administrative Coordinator
Guadalupe Acosta Coronel, Administrative Assistant

Troy Curtis, Associate Counselor I
Aron McElroy, Associate Counselor I
Maria Ortiz – Associate Counselor I
Emma Rodriguez, Associate Counselor I
Julieta Sinclair, Associate Counselor I
Wendy Wise, Associate Counselor I

Pamela Edwards, Associate Counselor II
Michael Gray, Associate Counselor II
Asia Smith-Morrow, Associate Counselor II
James Walsh, Associate Counselor II
Laurie Yazwa, Associate Counselor II

Ronald Meekins, Clinical Supervisor
Miguel Rubio,
 Clinical Coordinator